The  River You Step In

The River You Step In

Gritty character driven drama about a maverick social worker and the troubled people she tries to help. Modern urban stories about the good and the bad, the strong, and those longing to be so.

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Created by Jon Michaelson
Lead Actors Astrid Van WierenClaire BurnsDaniel BriereSharmila Dey
Supporting Actors Marcel StewartWes BergerMichaela WashburnAnita La SelvaAndrew JacksonSean BaekSera Lys-McArthurJani LauzonTennile ReedZarrin Darnell-Martin
Key Crew Blake HannahsonJason SharmanAndy TrithardtEmily Andrews

Content Warnings:

Adult Content Mild Language Mild Violence



When a young First Nations client dies after being committed to police custody, social worker Stevie struggles to keep the troubled people she encounters away from the system she no longer trusts. Opening her East End Toronto home as a safe haven for 'at risk' people. They are George, an ex-con and chronic gambler, Tracy, a down and out musician, and Mina, a battered wife. Stevie tries to mend some broken lives, but she masks her own issues by burying herself in theirs. “I’d say get a life,” says her paramedic boyfriend Ben, “but you already have more than one!” When she defends Mina against her abusive husband Karl, Stevie is confronted with the real dangers of crossing professional boundaries.