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Access to all films in the 2021 Socially Relevant Film Festival. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screens with the shorts PSYCAP Dafa Metti (Difficult) in the Migration and Immigration - Documentary section. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screens with Rejoice Resist, a short film, in the Race, Prejudice and Discrimination Documentary 1 block {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Acts of Resistance: Heavy Metal Music in Latin America- screens with The Khe Sanh Peace Garden - in the Forms of Protest Documentary 2 - section. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Narrative Feature film screens on its own in the Human and Sex trafficking section {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Antigone, narrative feature film. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Back to Sölöz - Documentary film in the Genocide and Survival section screens with: The Desire to Live and Something to Give {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Chef Antonio's Recipe for Revolution is a documentary that screens on its own in the Disability in a Positive Light section. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Dustwun is a narrative feature that screens in the Migration and Immigration narrative section. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block on the theme of Race, Prejudice, and Discrimination. Road.Dogs Son of a Sweeper I Am Not Blond {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of one Narrative film on the theme of Disability in a Positive light {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of a documentary film on the theme of Genocide and Survival. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
A narrative feature film in the Home and Belonging theme block, screening by itself. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block on the theme of Race, Prejudice, and Discrimination. Screens with The Hangman's Place {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block on the theme of LGBTQ Rights, screens with Alone Out Here. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block on the theme of Indigenous People and Their Rights screens with Against the Current {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of a documentary on the theme of Empowering Women and Girls. Screens by itself. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of a documentary on the theme of Race, Prejudice, and Discrimination. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Block of short films on the theme of Climate and Sustainability Growing for Good Organic & Sustainable Agriculture Truckers Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of short films on the theme of Home and Belonging in Live during COVID {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of short films on the theme of Empowering Women and Girls. Corked + (Samira's Dream Trailer) The House That Built Tsoghik How We See Water iMigrant Woman {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Block of short films on the theme of Home and belonging The Turn Iric Baladi (My Country) Gets Good Light Shattered: Beirut 6.07 {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of short films on the theme of Human trafficking. Ballerina Sex Sells When I'm at Home Defining Ourselves, For Ourselves {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of short films on the theme of Youth and Children. Birds without Wings Ok Boomer Song of the Open Road Terror and Hope {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of a narrative feature film on the theme of Indigenous Peoples' Rights. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
This ticket gives you access to view Stalking Chernobyl preceded by Willingboro: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of a documentary on the theme of Forms of Resistance. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of narrative films on the theme of Forms of Protest. In Transit {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening Block of a documentary on the theme of Migration and immigration. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
Screening block with a documentary on the theme Disability in a Positive Light, screening with the short film in.clu.sion. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": [], "live": [], "streams": []}
General Admission One-Block Ticket for Un-Broken: Memory and Identity in and Rejoice, Resist: {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 2}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": []}
This ticket is good only for purchase until August 30th. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": []}
Access to all the films on the program {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": []}
This is a single ticket per film/ per view and is available for anyone through August 30th. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": []}
This ticket allows viewing of one film under the same sign-in address. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": []}
This pass allows access to ALL the films in the online selection, to be viewed unlimited times, with the same email address. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "live": [], "streams": []}
General streaming - single film streaming This ticket allows the holder to stream one film block, one time, online through this site. This is NOT a ticket for the in-person events. Tickets for IN-PERSON events need to be purchased from the festival website: Or directly at the venue where the film/s is/are screening. {"live": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 2, "max_on_demand_items": 1, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 2}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"live": [], "blocks": ["*"], "streams": []}
All Access in-person and all streaming films This is an ALL-ACCESS pass that allows in-person presence and access to ALL in-person events and screenings, and in addition to that allows access to ALL films streaming online. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"]}
This ticket allows unlimited Access to all streaming films on offer online. {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": 2}} {"blocks": ["*"]}
General Admission for in-person screenings {} {}
Early Bird {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": 0, "max_on_demand_items": 0, "max_items": 1, "max_replays": 2}} {"blocks": ["*"]}
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Return to Eden A narrative feature film about a return to one's hometown after a long absence and the changes that have happened.
Films on LGBTQ rights and issues
Voices of Canada A selection of short films from Canada.
You Never Know one day you too may be a Refugee A film about displaced people after an environmental disaster.
Empowering Women and Girls is best illustrated in this documentary about a woman seeking an education.
BIPOC Films 1 Two films about and by BIPOC filmmakers. ​ Gatekeeping the Bills About The People Presents: Who Is Mumia?
Genocide and survival take many shapes. Sometimes it is a protest, and others it requires forgiveness...
LGBTQI+ It's Not That Simple Transit: A New York City Fairytale It's Not You, It's Your Vagina Jean Fell in Love
The Mind Game The story of a refugee caught on his smartphone
Migration and Immigration uproot people and create cultural fusion...
Urban Stories 2 There Goes the Neighborhood
Race, Prejudice and discrimination are everyday happenings, sadly...
Stories of Immigrant women and more
Indigenous people who have lived on their lands for centuries have rights that need to be respected.
Indigenous People 2 Beno's Son - in search of indigenous music and a father
A film that shows musicians in their homes as they welcome us
Short Film Block #4 - LGBTQ Films about LGBTQ issues, rights, and filmmakers.
BIPOC Films 2 Sacred Flowers I am Kanaka Lego Oma Women On The Move
Group of shorts on the subject of Climate Change and Sustainability.
Films dealing with the effects of Climate change and the environment
A series of shorts on Climate Change and Environmental matters. ​ Way to Go! Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops Common Thread Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Stories This Mortal Plastik
Genocide, survival and displacement, entail memories through generations, revisiting the past, a protest and sometimes forgiveness.
Five short films make up this film block on Family and Adoption Farm to Families Little Bird Pills Through the Barricades Tribe
Films about protest
A group of shorts on the subject of Human Trafficking, the invisible crime that happens every day at our doorsteps.
Disability can be viewed in a positive light.
The purpose in life that is defined be ones belonging.
Films about rejoicing in one's belonging and rejecting what may be in one's way to success
DEPOT: Reflecting Boijmans A film about warehouses of museums and making them accessible to the public instead of just what is on exhibit.
Migration and Immigration give a different perspective to life, a universal one...
Citrotoxic This is a feature film about pollution and climate change
Films that deal with dance and music
Phantom Parrot A documentary about espionage and the right to privacy.
Disability seen in a positive light when there is creativity involved.
Manuscripts Don't Burn 'Armenian manuscripts in Lviv.
sNOprint A film about the disappearing snow in Norway's densest snow track.
Armenian Films Crossing the Blue Pulling the Goalie
Sex violence and human trafficking.
The 40-minute documentary shows how politics, sectarThe 40-minute documentary shows how politics, sectarianism, development agencies, and economics produce specific management, and mismanagement, of Lebanon’s water resourcesianism, development agencies and economics produce a specific management, and mismanagement, of Lebanon’s water resources
Black and colorism
Maya The story of how a young teenage girl becomes the victim of human trafficking and ends up fighting against it to raise awareness.
Race, Prejudice and Discrimination, need to be talked about openly...
Youth and Children are the future andyet, they also are the ones who suffer most at times of disaster and war...
Home and Belonging have a special meaning to everyone...
Stories of urbanization and social change in the world we live in.
Opening Night - Film 1 - Crosses in the Dust Screens with Borderline Chaos
Films that show the terrible effects of gun violence
Short Film Block #2 - Home & Health This is a block of short films on the themes of Home, Homelessness and Health.
Still a Revolutionary: Albert Einstein explored the revolutionary side of Albert Einstein and his advocacy for such issues as abortion and LGBTQI rights.
Women are free to choose, but to choose what?
Crosses in the Dust A documentary about the people who risk their lives and die crossing.
Once Upon a Time in Beirut - Feature film
From Life to Life Narrative feature about a Doctor in Georgia during post-Soviet times.
Our Planet Before the Oil BYkids: Beekeeper SeaMonster II
Indigenous peoples' right to their homeland.
Disability The Anxiety of Laughing
Blockade One family's Story during a wartime blackade
Indigenous peoples' right to their homeland.
A musical interpretation of George Floyd Say their names
Women Stories Women on FEBA Sister
Caramel by Nadine Labaki
Armenian - Short Films Crossing the Blue Pulling the Goalie
Race, Prejudice and Discrimination, but also equality in Education...
Human trafficking is an invisible crime that takes place every day at our doorsteps...
A window into how ten artists in Lebanon are using art as a tool to question sectarian divisions while encouraging freedom of thought.
Climate Change and Sustainability category. Screens with Willingboro, Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
FIlms from Canada and from Canadian Voices - series sponsored by Telefilm Canada and the Consulate General of Canada in New York.
Unexpected Turns 3 Asphalt A truck driver Unexpectedly runs into a woman who turns out to be...
Trust in Love A story of resilincee in the face of adversity.
Black History Am I Buggin'? Poetry is Not A Luxury Forbidden Fruit Jayne Kennedy - American Sportscaster
Urban Stories 1 The Renegade Legacy of Bleecker and MacDougal
Partings and Landings The story of a family of refugees from the Armenian Genocide through Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and the USA
Women and Sexual Reproduction
Voices of Canada 1 A narrative short and a documentary about adoption. Little Bird Only Child Bonus film Hightail
Aging/Disability Don’t Dismiss Us Figment Greek Philosophia and Chickens
Race, Prejudice, Discrimination
Stories of Migration, Immigration and Refugees,
Race - 1 We will not be Silent is about the youth who want to keep The MLK legacy alive.
Voices of Canada 2 What Flowers They Bloom Incorrigible:A Film about Velma demerson
Films about the Black experience to celebrate Black History Month. Black Man Black Masterpiece A Call to Action: The Freedom Budget of 1966 The PRATT in the HAT Unlocking the Doors of Opportunity
Disability can be viewed through Love. It is then in a positive light.
There are different forms of Protest. One is refusing to bear arms...
Films that deal with Genocide Holocaust and the memory for future generations.
A program of Shorts headed by Karim Kassem's The Awakening
Rabih, a young blind man, lives in a small village in Lebanon. He sings in a choir and edits Braille documents for an income. His life unravels when he tries to apply for a passport and discovers that his identification card, which he has carried his entire life, is fake. Now he must travel across Lebanon in search of his identity.
Maka is a documentary about Genevieve Makaping the first black editor of a newspaper in Italy.
Rejoice Resist: BIPOC Films #1 MRHS - West Harlem March 20, 5:30 PM We Are Here Too Q Guy Sabor Ártico: Latinos en Alaska Yellowstone Tabla
Armenian Shorts Short films made by Armenians or on Armenian topics, or featuring Armenians. 250km Edge The Desire to Live Metamorphosis
Valley of Exile Two sisters in exile in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon
LGBTQ stories about rights and prejudices
Films depicting the lockdown during the pandemic, and an homage to COVID victims
Films about the legacy of the black culture.
A program of short films headed by Carol Mansour's documentary short showing the devastation of the explosion in August 2020.
These are films depicting the right so f indigenous people on their lands.
Across Borders A group of shorts and a documentary about crossing the border from Mexico to the US. Limbo​ Borderline: Chaos at the Border Crosses in the Dust
Race discrimination and prejudice
A group of shorts depicting the experience of women in situations of migration and immigration, but also of empowerment.
Films about the current state of Lebanon
Indigenous People 1 Maya Land: Listening to the Bees
On a journey that documents the pain and suffering of the Armenian people from Turkey to Syria, to Lebanon and Armenia; the film tells the stories of agony, death, and lost dreams. It records the lives of the Armenian people, resurrecting their voices from the graves, despite the dangers and taboos encountered during the filming.
Race prejudice and discrimination
FIlms from Canada and from Canadian Voices - series sponsored by Telefilm Canada and the Consulate General of Canada in New York.
Homebound in lockdown and during COVID.
Prison is a state of Mind Midsummer Night's Dream in Prison Love without Parole Donuts
Films that deal with health matters, and their effects on our lives
The Forgotten Homeland' The ethnically cleansed lands of Armenians in Artsakh
Migration and Immigration create situations that are different from your everyday life...
Another form of protest is through music as happens in latin America. And sometimes protest is through peace...
Unexpected Turns Sister
Acts of protest can also be to a family member, or through art and self-expression...
I Am Gitmo A feature film about Guantanamo prison.
ORA Young people getting over their handicap and surfing.
After being forced to leave his country three times, a Lebanese film director traces his roots and analyzes key moments of the nation's history.
Stories of Tebet, Youth and Social Change
This category is about Indigenous people and their rights in various situations.
Race, Prejudice and Discrimination seen in different lights...
Stories of Migration, immigration, and refugees,
A film by Maroun Baghdadi
Short films about home, homelessness and belonging.
Films from Canada about Canadian voices
Migrants and also immigrants... but most importantly, they are people...
Bleecker A feature film about New Yorkers living in an apartment building on Bleecker.
Films about the dangers of gins, and the violence caused by them.
Rejoice Resist: BIPOC Films #2 Dear Mama - West Harlem March 20, 7:45 PM Choices “Say Their Names” I AM NOT OK Ruth & Safiya Sabor Ártico: Latinos en Alaska (Arctic Flavor)
Films dealing Couples and divorce
Stories of women as mothers and Daughters
Films that deal with Black History Month related storied, illustrating the Black experience, historically and in the present day.
Friday, March 17, 2023 --Block of Shorts # 1 - Family/ Adoption (1h) Q & A with the directors --Ctrl+Z (53) Q & A with the director - Italy --Voices of Canada Only Child (70) Q & A with the director - Canada --THE ANXIETY OF LAUGHING (1h44) Q & A with the director --Maya Land: Listening to the Bees (1h15) Q & A with the director --THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD (1h16)
--Block of Shorts # 2 - Home & Health (1h25) --A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Prison (60) Q & A with the director - and John Jay College - USA --We Will Not Be Silent (53) Q & A with the director and panelists - USA --Voices of Canada What Flowers They Bloom (27) Incorrigible: A film About Velma Demerson (45) Q & A with the director - Canada/ Asian --ASPHALT (1h21) Q & A with the director - Denmark --DIVISION (1h39) Q & A with the directors - USA
Block of Shorts # 3 - Climate Change (1h06) Block of Shorts # 4 - LGBTQ (1h07) Still A Revolutionary: Albert Einstein (1h16) Q & A with the directors - NYWIFT - USA Crossing the Blue (12:11) It is Spring…(1h39) Q & A with the directors - Armenia Beno’s Son (1h42) Q & A with the director - Mexico The Renegade Legacy of Bleecker & MacDougal (1h13) Q & A with the director - USA
Friday March 15, at Cinema Village Shorts, Documentaries and Festures.
Maka (Film), A documentary film on Genevieve Makamping
Ever Rêve - Documentary film about Hélène Cixous
Sunday, March 17, at Cinema Village Feature films, documentaries, and a short film block are part of this day at Cinema Village.
The opening ceremony, Honor awards, Film 1, Reception, Film 2 Opening Night - Film 1 - SHABU Fourteen-year-old Shabu is a good-natured, creative, and street-smart boy from the south of Rotterdam. When he wrecks his grandmother’s car on a joyride, his whole family is angry with him. He has a summer to make amends before his grandmother returns from a vacation in Suriname. He then spends a summer trying to make money for the car while pursuing his passion: making music.
Rejoice Resist: BIPOC FIlms #2 Dear Mama - West Harlem March 20, 7:45 PM Choices “Say Their Names” I AM NOT OK Ruth & Safiya The Fellowship Followed by a panel on Diversity and Representation on screen. and HIPHOP - DIVISION X
Closing Awards Ceremony Awards are given to the winning filmmakers. Jazz with Kim Thomas, and Tatev Jazz trio.
Saturday, March 16, 2024 Documentaries and Narrative Features Starts with Panel on Casting and Distribution at 12:00
Rejoice Resist: BIPOC FIlms #1 MRHS - West Harlem March 20, 5:30 PM --We Are Here Too --Bendix: Site Unseen --I Walked With Heroes


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