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Welcome to the Creators Portal!
The steps listed under Your Films Progress must be completed to show your film at the festival. You can click on any number to fill out a specific section. We will send you a confirmation email when the crucial steps are done. Everything under Film Extras is optional.
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Film Permissions
Basic Information
Film Information
Video Assets
Image Assets
Additional Information

Do you wish to opt-out of online screening? By default, you are opted in for online screening. If you have a contractual obligation that would preclude you from screening online, please opt out of the online screening. Viewers must login in order to watch your work, they do not have access to download the work, and we do offer the ability to geo-block based on country, continent, or geographic region.
Fields with an orange asterisk * are required.

The following is the core information we need for every film or series. Though it comes from FilmFreeway, please be careful and check the spelling, punctuation, and length.
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This section asks for all the extra information about your show like genres and content warnings.
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<p>This section asks for the key image assets necessary for presentation in the online screening catalog. Hover over the question mark icon to get information on exact specifications.</p>
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Landscape Poster

Shown within screening blocks and on your films page.
File Type: PNG, JPG

Portrait Poster

Shown on social media when others share your festival site.
File Type: PNG, JPG

Shown within festival marketing materials.
No set dimensions
PNG with transparent background, recommended.

Square Poster

Shown on festival print materials and social media.
File Type: PNG, JPG

<p>Anything else we need to know is packaged together in this section. As always look for fields marked with an asterisk (*), because those fields are required before we consider the form complete.</p>

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Team Management

You may add/remove members from your team who will have access to update information on this film/series as well as download laurels and other festival information.

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Geo Blocking Rules

We ask you not to set any geo-blocking rules unless you have contractual obligations that require them. This section lets you manage any necessary rules.

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Laurel Gallery

The Laurel Gallery contains all laurels associated with this film/series, including all publicly announced nominations and awards.

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Social Media

Our primary promotional vehicle is social media and we want to make sure that we are tagging you and linking to your social media whenever possible. Don't forget to tag us as well!

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